Christian Education

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Christian Education Ministry at Mount Olive Baptist Church is to equip the congregation for a holistic ministry that will move person forward in their spiritual growth.  To achieve its missions, the church must bring the Christian message to life through a variety of efforts that will enable persons to daily live holistic lives physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Vision Statement:

Equipping and empowering believers to be spiritually mature Christians.


1.    To provide learning experiences for persons of all ages that will enable them to grow in their understanding of the gospel and how it relates to their daily living.

2.    To equip persons to deal critically and creatively with emerging issues and respond in faith as a growing disciple of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Meeting Date and Time:  Fourth Tuesday of each month.

Ministry Officers:
Rev. Deborah A. Simmons, Chair
N/A, Co-chair
N/A, Chaplain
N/A, Secretary